Justin Carl Holman Memorial Award

Navigating the Justin Carl Holman Memorial Award Application

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Award Background

Well-liked and respected by his peers, Justin Carl Holman was a passionate advocate for the environment and a four-year student participant of the College Bound Academic Mentoring Program. His death in November 2008 marked a sad loss to both the District of Columbia’s environmental community and to the College Bound family. The Justin Carl Holman Memorial Award for Youth Environmental Leadership (JCH Memorial Award) serves to honor Justin’s memory and preserve his legacy of conservation and environmental justice by recognizing a current College Bound senior who shows promise as a future environmental leader.

Award Description

The award is for $1,000 and will be disbursed in a single payment at the beginning of the first active semester at college. The recipient may use this award at the college/university of his/her choice. Funds may be used towards any college-related costs (e.g., tuition, books, transportation, personal items).

Application Requirements

Eligible applicants are graduating high school seniors. Applicants must demonstrate a commitment to the environment through academic studies and/or community service, or indicate their intentions to study environmental science, environmental politics, or a related field in college.

In addition to the application form, applicants must submit an unofficial copy of their high school transcript, as well as a letter of recommendation from a teacher, guidance counselor, school administrator or community service supervisor.

Each student is also required to submit a 500-word essay that covers, the following items: (1) a local environmental issue or concern; (2) how the issue impacts you and your community; and (3) a solution or course of action to address the issue.

Review and Selection Criteria

The award recipient will be chosen from among the applicants based on his or her successful fulfillment of the application requirements. Consideration will be given to the duration of time and type of listed environmental activities, whether or not the applicant plans to pursue academic studies and/or a career in the environmental field, the quality of the applicant’s response to the essay prompt, and the strength of the recommendation.

Completed applications include the items listed below:

  • Student information form
  • 500-word essay- (1) describe a local environmental issue or concern; (2) explain how the issue impacts you and your community; and (3) propose a solution or course of action to address the concern.
  • A recommendation from a teacher, guidance counselor, school administrator or community service supervisor
  • An unofficial copy of your high school transcript