Scholarship Disbursement Form

The College Bound Scholarship disbursement is exclusive to students who participated as seniors in our Academic Mentoring Program and were awarded a scholarship at our End of the Year Celebration.

Each $6,000 scholarship recipient will receive $750 per semester with a maximum of $1,500 per year. Should the scholarship amount differ from $6,000, the total amount will be divided by eight and dispersed accordingly each semester for four years.


Disbursement Dates:      Fall semester: August 1st – September 15th

Spring semester: January 1st – February 15th


Break down disbursement information:

$1,000 (2 Payments of $500)

$1,001-1,999 (8 equal payments)

$2,000 (8 payments of $250)

$6,000 (8 payments of $750)

$20,000 (8 payment of $2,500)


  • This should be where you receive mail.
  • Jobs/Internships/Clubs/Activities/Awards
  • This response should be a minimum of four sentences to express how the scholarship has benefited you. Scholarship sponsors and donors love to hear about your progress. Please be mindful that these responses will be published on our website.
  • Although this message should be limited to 140 characters the topics are endless. Think outside of the basics and really share how College Bound, your mentor, weekly site, college tours, etc.. has impacted your college journey.
  • Remember to included as to whether or not you will be returning to the Greater Washington DC area.
  • Scholarship payments are typically $750.00 per semester unless otherwise specified by the donor.
  • The Scholarship Coordinator will contact you when your check is ready. College Bound will hold checks for a maximum of three business days, after that time the check will be mailed to the student's home address. It may take up to two- three weeks to process scholarship payments.
  • Please complete this field only if you are having your disbursement mailed to a different address other than your campus or home address.
  • Reminder about additional documentation

    Students must have official school transcripts mailed directly to the College Bound main office from your educational institution.
  • This is for first year students only.
  • Please share a current picture of you that we can share with our donors.
  • Please upload your action plan for the upcoming semester.